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Shark Steam Mop Refills

This 4-pack washable steam Mop pad set is excellent for the Shark handheld cleaners steam Mop the unique perforated design means that you can easily and quickly get to work shampooing, vacuum cleaning or any other potential cleaning task, the washable steam pad can be used with or without the accompanying washable steam mop.

Shark Steam Mop S3501 Disposable Pads

The pads are 4 pack and they are disposable pad, they are pack and they are compatible pad for the Shark steam pocket mop. The Shark steam pocket Mop is a Mop for when you need a clean, it comes with a pad and a pad s3601. The new Shark steam Mop pad Refills are splendid solution for keeping your table clean and organized, 4 x more than just another Mop pad, these pads provide an extra clean up from the Shark professional steam pocket s3601 made of durable materials, these pads can keep your table clean and organized for hours on end. Dos and don'ts Mop use steam Mop use: 1, make sure the steam Mop is properly filled and charged. Wait for the steam Mop to start working, use a soft cloth or a soft soapy water bath on the steam Mop connections to clean the hair on your body and between your legs. Be careful not to get the steam Mop on your skin, avoid using the steam Mop if there is any type of dirt, oil, or sweat on your skin. Avoid getting the steam Mop on your hands or skin, this is an 4 x Mop pad for the Shark professional steam pocket mop. It is a low cost alternative to the more expensive mops that you can find on the market, this Mop pad is a top way for individuals who are hunting for a facile to handle and disposal option.